When you first think of summer you imagine parties, beach, music, your bed, your sofa, friends. Then you think on going abroad, but also you think in how to make the most of it. Go somewhere to have fun but mainly to learn. So the answer was Arun English Homestay.

It is difficult to find a house and a family to stay with. How are they going to be? Will we get on well?
But that’s life, taking risks and enjoying it. So that’s what I did, and I was enchanted. Last year I had the best exprerience ever. It was just perfect, I found the craziest woman in the hole world she was just like me and I loved her!

So this year I returned to hug her. She hasn’t only taught me English, she made me think about life, music, love …
I’ve been so, so lucky to find this company.

~ Blanca xxx

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