Young Learners English

This course is for students aged from 10-17 years old and is tailored to suit the young learner’s needs. Young learners receive “in loco parentis” care and are supervised at all times. They will be made part of a very welcoming, kind family in a clean, comfortable, home. Our teachers have a great deal of experience in teaching and hosting young learners
Young learners are taken on outings, usually two afternoons and one week-end day every week. These outings might be going for a picnic, visiting a local attraction, a trip to the beach, museums, cinema, theatre, a woodland walk, an afternoon cream tea etc.

Young learners are not expected to pay for excursions/outings as these are included in the fees. They will however need their own personal spending money and, if they do not have a mobile phone, may wish to purchase a telephone card to make calls home. For students without mobiles we usually allow for a quick call home to reassure parents but the use of the host teacher’s telephone is otherwise not possible for outgoing calls. There is also the option of buying phone time so that they may use the telephone but of course they should ask their teacher’s permission and not be on the phone for long periods of time. They may of course receive calls and the host teacher will advise convenient times that will not interfere too much with mealtimes.

We take great pride in our caring approach to our young learners and want them to remember their stay in the UK with fond memories. We aim to offer a “home from home” experience as far as we possibly can. It can be very daunting for a young learner to be far from their family and we at Arun English try to make them feel respected, safe, relaxed and extremely welcome.